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The gallery is actually easy to use. But I would recommend that you have a quick look at the layout and icons in use.

Top Level - Only shows Albums

Sub-Levels - May only show Albums, but can also show Photographs

Albums always show how many photographs are in that Album. 

Depending on what is "viewable", will depend on the options available.

If you hover over a thumbnail you will get a "small pop up". Click the photograph and you will get the full size version, made to fit in your browser. (refresh might be needed on the first photograph)

Slideshow is a great way to kick back and go through the photographs. (Wine is optional)

Below is a quick tour of the icons and options.

Top Left shows path.

To jump to Home just click "Home" or "assortment of models" to go back to that gallery. Notice how under the Album name is number of photographs in that Album.

Help images


Top Right.

Just sub-Albums in Display.  You can jump to next Album or go back to previous Album.


Albums and Photographs in Display.


 Size of photo display (recommend do not change) : Slideshow   (If there are albums before and after the one being displayed you will see the links)


Click Thumbnail to display photograph. With (just) photograph displayed.


 Size of photo display (recommend do not change) : Slideshow  : Meta Data : Back to Thumbnails  : Previous Photo : Next Photo

Hint. You can also click left or right sides of photograph to go back or forth. 

Please Note.  For Models Only there is a Download icon.



Top Left

This is how you stop the slideshow.


Top Right

Allows you to go into "Full screen" mode. (Best for viewing!)